Tie Dye T-Shirt Day!

Tie Die Colors

Do you want to make your very own t-shirt? You can at Tie Dye T-Shirt Day on Tuesday, July 30th at 4pm! Just sign up by calling the library at 413-245-3518 or by dropping by in person! All we need to know is your child’s name, age and t-shirt size. We take care of the rest — you just show up and get creative! This event is for children ages 2-18, is limited to 25 participants, is sponsored by the Friends of the Brimfield Public Library, Inc. and fills up incredibly fast!

Overflow parking is at the Town Hall Annex or the bottom of the Congregational Church lawn. Please do not block or park in the neighboring driveway to the west.

Ice Cream Story Hour

In honor of National Ice Cream Day (which is on Sunday, July 21st) we are hosting a special ice cream story hour with Bonnie on Wednesday, July 17th at 3pm! This event is limited to 15 participants ages 3-10. Please call the library at 245-3518 to sign-up. After the story, we will be making sundaes! If our parking lot is full, please park next door at the Town Hall Annex. We must not park in or block the neighboring driveway to the west.

** Please let us know of any allergies when signing your child up**

LEGO Brick Challenge

Come and challenge your creativity to design a specific LEGO structure on Tuesday, August 6th from 1:30 – 2:15pm! The presenter will provide an engineering objective for each participant. This event is limited to 30 participants and is geared for students going into 2nd-6th grade in September. Sign-up is required.

Call the library at 413-245-3518 to sign up today!

Please note that the show will be at the Hitchcock Academy this year because the Town Hall is closed.

Join Our Fairy Tale Themed Summer Reading Program!

Kick off this year’s magical summer reading adventure on Monday, June 24th! Sign up to receive your dragon or unicorn reading log and a special goodie bag. Exciting prizes await our young readers!

This program is designed for children ages 3-12. We also have a separate program specifically for teenagers!

Memory Kits

Have you heard of memory kits? These are useful kits designed for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. They include things that will help to keep their minds active and/or stimulated.

We now have four kits available for checkout in our Library of Things collection:

~ 13-piece puzzle

~ 35-piece puzzle

~ Aquapaint – magnificent birds

~ Aquapaint – ocean life

This is a new resource that we are very happy to be able to provide to our community!

Drop by today to check out these new items and our complete collection of Library of Things!

Mystery Buffs Book Club

Are you a mystery buff? Our Mystery Buffs Book Club is always looking for new members! We will be discussing our latest mystery discoveries and our favorite authors. We welcome you to join us in the Murder, Mayhem, and Crazy conversations!! If you’re interested in signing up for the Mystery Buffs Book Club or want to see the current book selection, please contact the library or stop in. The book club usually meets once a month. Ask us when the next meeting date is, or check out our Events calendar.

Knitting Club


Whether you’re an experienced knitter or a complete beginner, you’re welcome to come to join the Knitting Club at the library! The club meets every third Thursday of the month from 5:30-7:30pm unless otherwise noted. Both knitting, crochet and sewing are welcome. Bring a project that you are currently working on or get inspired to start something new! Check out our Events calendar for the next meeting. This Knitting Club is for adults.