Why Courage Matters: The Way to a Braver Life by John McCain and Marshall Salter

Cover of "Why Courage Matters"

In this collection of true life stories of exemplary people who stood up to injustice, corruption and evil we get to understand why they chose to fight courageously for what they believed was right. One conclusion the authors come to is that courage does not exist without fear. The people in these stories knew they were facing a danger that would expose them to torture or death. They realized that they needed to fight for their beliefs despite sacrificing their comforts of a regular life and sometimes knowing they would be killed for standing up for what they know is right. These are uplifting stories and we see how these brave heroes live their lives with dignity, honor and integrity. We see how people, despite being fearful, are able to live a life with a noble purpose and to move beyond the fear in order to take action to defend decent moral values.

– Joanie, BPL

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