The Devil Wins by Robert B. Parker

Parker has written many books, and Brimfield Library has a group of them.

This one is actually written by Reed Farrel Coleman, his second book continuing the Jesse Stone protagonist. If you enjoy reading in sequence, Blind Spot was Coleman’s first Stone book. I have not read this/these authors prior to picking up this book. Truth be told, I liked the cover!!

Paradise, MA is a coastal town, with a small population and very old roots. The residents are a tight-knit, and tight-lipped, community. Chief Stone is a newcomer, and as such, he is still making his way through the old bonds, working to understand whom to trust, and what to be wary of.

There are many secrets, lots of characters, and a fairly gritty beginning to the story, but I hung on & was glad that I did. There are similarities to Brimfield, given old and enduring relationships, some whispered secrets, and warmhearted townspeople.

– Beth, Mystery Buff BC

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