Jumanji Movie Marathon

Jumanji movie covers



We first enjoyed Robin Williams and crew in the original Jumanji DVD Rated PG.

Robin Williams played Alan, Bonnie Hunt was Sarah, and Kirsten Dunst & Bradley Pierce were the unwitting children when all of them were swept into the game. The story is of a young boy who disappears for 26 years, and returns to his home amid total chaos and wonderful and terrifying adventures.

JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle

New Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan Rated PG 13 (stronger language)

Four teenagers in detention, all completely opposite in characteristics, and an old video game console in the basement. What could go wrong? SO many things!! I don’t want to warn you, just be ready!!

Keep your eyes open for the nuances that link the stories together.

JUMANJI: The Next Level

Same Cast as Jungle, Rated PG 13 again.

This story opens a short time later, but the game has changed, and the graphic continue to improve. I won’t give away the changes, but they are ”not in Kansas anymore”. You will need to be attentive to all the switches, and you will again find links and bridges to the other stories.

We highly recommend an evening of popcorn & Jumanji, chuckles and gasps (and sweaty palms) – and the drum beats go on!!!

– Beth, Mystery Buff BC

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